Super Crochet Girl Antics

Recently I have been working with a number of Charnwood Arts groups and we have been creating work for Picnic in the Park in June. I introduced everyone to Super Crochet Girl and they have very kindly agreed to help us with a project for Picnic in the Park and we would appreciate it if anyone else could get involved and help us out too. Look out for new posts about how you too can get involved!

Since the theme for Picnic in the Park is World War 1 we have been concentrating on the social and domestic side of this era. With that in mind we have been spending time creating artworks that reflect the domestic at this time including paper mache clouds inspired by a song about clouds with a silver lining.

One of the actions that stood out for me from this era was how people would send letters to their loved ones, to and from the front line. This is a process we no longer do as much since everything has become automated, typed and emailed, messages are instantaneous now. With this in mind I started documenting my time with the Charnwood Arts groups and the work we are doing by resurrecting this lost process and have been sending handwritten letters to my family every week so that I can understand the process better. I have found that letters can be more emotional to write as well as recieve and they somehow seem to be more personal and are often saved by the recipients. I know that my letters will be kept safe.


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