Comic Book Encounters . . .

Super Crochet Girl’s Comic Book Encounters in the Public Sphere is the title of the poster for which she was first created. The poster was made as a collaborative project across disciplines and departments at Loughborough University in response to a call for posters which concisely explained concepts and theories of current research. The posters formed part of a research conference for PHD Research Students at Loughborough University.


Dave Gerrard (PHD Researcher) and I developed a poster based upon my MA (MA Art in the Public Sphere) and our understanding of Public Sphere theory as hypothesised by Jurgen Habermas. As we began working on the poster it soon became apparent that we both had a deep love of comic books and so naturally that, mixed with my textile performances produced Super Crochet Girl. Essentially we tried to develop a poster that would be visually engaging allowing us to get across our understanding of Public Sphere in a fun and mischievous way.


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