Super Crochet Girl Needs You!

Messages and how we send and receive them has become a focus of mine over the last few weeks working with the creative groups at Charnwood and Super Crochet Girl is going to continue working with this in her performance at Picnic in the Park, however she needs your help.

Can you help her send a message?

We need a flock of lovely little handcrafted birds to carry messages. Can you help us make these little messengers? They can be knitted, crocheted, sewn, felted, even made out of socks, how they are made is up to you, just get creative!

We do ask however that your little birds are no bigger than a piece of A5 paper (that’s A4 folded in half) and we would also like you to include a message with your bird, maybe as part of the design or attached in some way. Please also give your bird a name.

Your message can be anything you like it to be – but it might help to remember that we have been thinking here about the messages that would have been sent to loved ones during the First World War. Perhaps you have a message for a loved one? Or perhaps there is something you should say more? Think about your recipient and write from your heart.

Your message can then be attached or carried by your little bird to us at: Charnwood Arts 27 Granby Street, Loughborough, Leics, LE11 3DU.
Examples of birds that have already been created for the project can be seen on the Super Crochet Girl page on Facebook –

We will also post photos of all the birds sent in as we receive them.
Please note that the birds will be used in a performance at Picnic In The Park and may go on to be used in further works by the artist. They will NOT be sold! We cannot return any birds. If you would like any more information please do not hesitate to email the artist: The deadline for birds is the end of May. or
Or Big Knitting Group coordinator Jemma Bagley at Charnwood Arts:


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