Early Morning Arrivals

After the busy evening events with the arrival of Bob and Thingumy we were all looking forward to a good nights rest when, at 4 o’clock in the morning, there was another fluttery blustery arrival at the secret headquarters.


Meet Richard and Madge, they’ve flown in all the way from Wigan to help us deliver messages at Picnic in the Park, 14th June 2014.


Thingumy and Bob come to stay

Last night we had two unexpected arrivals at the Super Crochet Girl Headquarters.


This is Thingumy and Bob. (Bob left, Thingumy right) They turned up on the doorstep of the secret headquarters last night, soaked through from the rain. Thingumy was in tears he’s lost his little red cap. But they soon settled in and are still with us this morning, in fact they rather enjoyed a generous serving of pancakes and tea.



Super Crochet Girl Needs You!

SCG Needs You

Can you help?

We need a flock of lovely little handcrafted birds to carry messages. Can you help us make these little messengers? They can be knitted, crocheted, sewn, felted, even made out of socks, how they are made is up to you, just get creative! For ideas and inspiration check out the wonderful birds being made at The Big Knit Group: https://www.facebook.com/supercrochetgirl

We do ask however that your little birds are no bigger than a piece of A5 paper (that’s A4 folded in half) and we would also like you to include a message with your bird, maybe as part of the design or attached in some way. Please also give your bird a name.

Your message can then be attached or carried by your little bird to us at: Charnwood Arts 27 Granby Street, Loughborough, Leics, LE11 3DU.

We will  post photos of all the birds sent in as we receive them.
Please note that the birds will be used in a performance at Picnic In The Park and will go on to be exhibited at Charnwood Museum Cafe after the event. They will NOT be sold! We cannot return any birds. If you would like any more information please do not hesitate to email the artist: The deadline for birds is Monday 9th June.
s.c.green-12@student.lboro.ac.uk or shiney1809@hotmail.co.uk
Or Big Knitting Group coordinator Jemma Bagley at Charnwood Arts: jemmab@charnwoodarts.com

Top Secret!

Currently being assembled at Super Crochet Girl’s headquarters – her new side kick, Nelson!

Nelson 1


Artist Shauna Richardson creates the most wonderful crocheted sculptures, or crochetdermy as it’s become known. I had the most wonderful opportunity to see her Lion Heart Project in person a few months ago at Snibston Discovery Park in Coalvile, Leicestershire. The Lion Heart Project was created for the 2012 Olypic games and toured round the country.


Shauna Richardsons work has inspired the creation of a side kick for Super Crochet Girl, but if you want to meet him then you will have to visit us at Picnic in the Park on the 14th June 2014, Queens Park, Loughborough.

To find out more about the Lion Heart Project and see some wonderful photos of the tour visit: http://www.lionheartproject.com/welcome/

To see more amazing works by this artist visit her site here: website: http://www.shaunarichardson.com/home/

Moomintroll gets involved

Moomintroll first came to live with Super Crochet Girl two months ago, she found him floating down the street in an old pink umbrella, she scooped him up just before he disappeared down the drain, he has lived in her office room since in the lid of her typewriter, it’s just the right size for a Moomin troll.

Moomintroll is currently on vacation in the north but he has still decided that it would be a very good idea to get involved with the project.

Here is Moomintroll in deep contemplation whilst he prepares to write his message


moomin gets ready to type his message

Moomintroll finally gets started on his message


oh dear! Moomintroll has got into some difficulties, short legs and big keys too far away, Moomintroll has had to climb onto the typewriter

moomintroll has difficulties

Moomintroll is finally finished with his message

message to mummy

Hello Mummy, how sweet Moomintroll.