Moomintroll gets involved

Moomintroll first came to live with Super Crochet Girl two months ago, she found him floating down the street in an old pink umbrella, she scooped him up just before he disappeared down the drain, he has lived in her office room since in the lid of her typewriter, it’s just the right size for a Moomin troll.

Moomintroll is currently on vacation in the north but he has still decided that it would be a very good idea to get involved with the project.

Here is Moomintroll in deep contemplation whilst he prepares to write his message


moomin gets ready to type his message

Moomintroll finally gets started on his message


oh dear! Moomintroll has got into some difficulties, short legs and big keys too far away, Moomintroll has had to climb onto the typewriter

moomintroll has difficulties

Moomintroll is finally finished with his message

message to mummy

Hello Mummy, how sweet Moomintroll.



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