British Prisoner of War Cross Stitch

Created from salvedge and pinched yarn from an old pullover the Major Casdagli managed to cross stitch this wonderful piece of rebellious textiles; had the true message been found by his captors the soldiers life could have been in jeopardy. A wonderful example of gentle resistance – who says textiles can’t be radical and rebellious!


Folow the link to find out the hidden message from Major Alexis Casdagli to his captors.




Neural Knitworks

A collaborative project about mind and brain health. Check it out for more information on how knitting could benefit your mind – not to mention how satisfying it can be to complete that first hat or scarf!


Picnic in the Park success!

Super Crochet Girl would just like to say a huge thank you to everyone who helped to make Picnic in the Park on Saturday a lovely day! It really was amazing, thanks to everyone for their contributions to the project and thanks to everyone at Charnwood arts for making it possible.

p.s the birds have remained in Charnwood Museum so if you didn’t get chance to see them on Saturday you can still pop down and see them, and if you ask the lovely staff at the Museum they’ll be able to give you an activity sheet so that you can make sure you find all the birds and their messages. Happy hunting!


Come One, Come All! Picnic in the Park Tomorrow

Greetings everyone. Just a reminder that Picnic in the Park is happening tomorrow (Sat 14th June) at Queens Park Loughborough from 12-5pm. Come down and get involved it looks to be an amazing day filled with activities and performances all over.

Don’t forget Super Crochet Girl will be making a guest appearance, come and meet her and her side kick Nelson at Charnwood Museum and help her with her secret mission!

SCG Needs You

Super Crochet Girl Needs You!

Doorstep Drop

Take a peek at these gorgeous little critters that dropped onto the doorstep of Super Crochet Girl’s Headquarters this morning.

DPP_01amys owl DPP_06amys owls

A big thanks to Amy for these lovely guys.

P.S the little guys travel tucked inside the big owl and are released with a nifty little button.

Patterned messengers

Four more lovely additions to the flock and these guys are lovely and bright.

Meet Gertrude

DPP_05 DPP_06

And here’s Poppet

DPP_10 DPP_09

and Maisy

DPP_28 DPP_25

Finally the lovely embroidered Duchess – She is also carrying her message in the embroidery – can you decipher her message?

DPP_14bird DPP_19


All Felted

Two more birds have joined the flock today – these guys are all felted – dressed in their best for the picnic.

DPP_04 DPP_14

Tweet! Tweet! Tweet!

Thank you so much to the person that dropped off these three beauties at the Charnwood Arts office on Granby Street.


They are all carrying messages and will take their place at Charnwood Museum for the childrens activity at Picnic In The Park, June 14th with guest appearance from Super Crochet Girl.