#wellMAKING Craftivist Garden


This collaborative project from the Craftivist Collective and Fallmouth University will show how craft activities can help improve wellbeing. We all know how craft can be relaxing, and help keep you mindful but this project hopes to take this one step further and reflect on the issues that are not often spoken about, to think about challenging subjects – to reflect upon what wellbeing actually means.

If you’re based in the UK, we’d love you to join in and hand-embroider, knit or crochet a flower for the #wellMAKING Craftivist Garden, while reflecting on the imortance of wellbeing and what we need in order to flourish as individuals and as a society.

All that you need to get involved can be found at:


This includes an app where we can collect your answers to our questions about wellbeing which will then be presented to the All Party Paliamentary Group (APPG) on Arts & Health in January 2015, to provide evidence of the power craft has to improve our society.

Please do get involved, you can find out more at http://craftivist-collective.com/





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