Home to Roost

It was a difficult mission but we succeeded in the end. Thanks to all of the help we received in June at Picnic In The Park. With all your help we were able to locate all the missing birds and their messages.

The birds have finally been rounded up thanks to the staff at Charnwood Museum for their help in catching them.

Their messages have been successfully delivered and now the birds are ready to retire to their natural habitat in Charnwood Museums Café, with special bird houses built by Matt Tacey from The Green Woodpecker.

The birds featured here have been made by members of Charnwood Arts Big Knitting Group, Lisa Pidgeon of Little Bird School of Stitchcraft, members of the public, members of the Changes group in Shepshed and Super Crochet Girl. Included are also some birds that never made it to Picnic in the Park, they got lost on their way but have made it home to roost now.




more images to come soon . . . or you could pop along to Charnwood Museum Cafe and see the lovely little birds all home to roost.


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