Craft, Connect, Reflect, Challenge & Grow

As mentioned in previous posts I have been a partner in the Craftivists Garden project #wellMAKING. Helping facilitate a number of workshops across Loughborough and Leicester with Jemma Bagley of Charnwood Arts.

Well, in a few weeks time we will finally see the culmination of all our efforts and those of the other facilitators all across the UK at the Garden Party Launch at Toynbee Hall. Needless to say that the objectives of the project will continue to develop and grow, despite this part of the project being completed. I know that myself and many others included will continue to craft to aid wellbeing, to improve society in our own little ways and to help others find craft and develop their own skills. I only hope that people all over the UK and further afield will also pick up sticks, pins and needles to help continue the research and for the pure enjoyment also.

So to everyone involved, including participants, facilitators all over the UK and of course those involved in setting up the project initially; Fiona Hackney of Falmouth University, Sarah Corbett of the Craftivist Collective and Arts and Health Cornwall, a great big thank you!

Finally to see images of the lovely flowers crocheted, knitted and stitched here in Loughborough and Leicester visit:


You won’t be disappointed.


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