Starting this January the Charnwood Arts RawArt group have been working on a new project entitled Flotsam and Jetsam for exhibition at the Bradgate Unit in Leicester.

Using recycled and found materials the participants of the group have been creating some interesting and wonderful sculptures of fantastical creatures, some of which may make their way to the Big Knitting Groups exhibition.

For more info on the BKG follow the link: http://www.charnwoodarts.com/projects/big_knitting_group

Here is just a little update on how the members of RawArt are getting on.

At last Tuedays session I ran a wire manipulation workshop. We ran through a few hints and tips on the best ways to handle single thread wire and chicken wire. Below are some images to show how they got on.


Following the pinterest board, some members of the group decided to turn their hands to textiles.

20150120_131011 altered

This piece has been created from chicken wire and covered in plaster of paris to form a hard shell which is now starting to look fab as it gets covered in crochet. It reminds me of silver birch tree bark.

Taras leaves 1

These textile pieces will soon be constructed and connected together to form a large lovely leafy tree.

More updates on the group’s progress as it happens…


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