Loughborough University Art, Design and Space Conference 2015

Yesterday I presented a paper at Loughborough universities Art,Design and Space conference for Part B students.

‘Space defines nature – the lands, waters and skies constituting Planet Earth. It also characterizes culture. Through culture we learn how to use space for the benefit of humankind, and how to exploit it and destabilize our fragile relationship with natural, environmental space. Within the humanities we engage with the temporal spaces of narrative in epic poetry, novels and illustration, and we design and re-design space by creating art, architecture, graphics, fashion, the applied and decorative arts, and artefacts.

Space is three-dimensional, two-dimensional, and virtual. It constitutes the world occupied by the physical forms of nature, our human bodies, sculpture and architecture. It provides the flat matrix on which we draw our ideas and translate what we see and imagine into pictorial imagery. In the information age, virtual space emerged, and this new relationship between space, time and technology in virtual reality is redefining what it means to be human.

Curiosity about space generates travel across real and virtual boundaries while belief in community and national identity defines spatial territory. When human nomadism yielded to settlement in particular spaces, cultural identity was expressed through the design and building of roads, houses, museums, cathedrals, universities and the myriad other structures of the built environment. ‘Art, Design and Space’, the concepts of our conference, offer our four speakers challenging ways of exploring our humanity.’

Dr Marion Arnold 2015

Thank you to Marion Arnold for inviting me to speak at the conference, I just hope that I was able to inspire some of the students that attended the conference and that I was able to show them some of the exciting work that is currently taking place in the  community that they live in.

I would also like to just thank all the other speakers, Conohar Scott, Sofia Malia and Professor Alison Yarrington, as I was the least experienced speaker and their support really helped me find the confidence to stand in front of what was a respectively large and intimidating audience.

Thank you also to all those who have approached me after the conference to speak to me about my work within the community and express their admiration for the work that I do.

Click on the link below to take a look at the conference proceedings for the day.




Blast from the past!

This week at my normal everyday worker man job a colleague came to me with a newspaper in his hands.

What transpired was a conversation brimming with talk of comic books, our comic heroes, favourite drawing styles and a myriad of other things. What a lovely half hour.

What started this was the newspaper in his hands for it contained a lost article about Super Crochet Girl. ‘I remember doing the interview’ she said ‘I did wonder what became of that’. Well here it is the article which transpired from an interview with Leicester Mercury oh so many moons ago. Well last year, but it feels like an age ago.

Super Crochet Girl (MercuryMag) 300-Recovered

What a lovely time we had reminiscing and it has also made me realise that Super Crochet Girl never really attained her true potential, perhaps in the future she will return in full glorious colour to stalk the streets again, in one form or other at least.

New Arrival!

Say hello to our newest arrival.

Mr Mushroom arrived last week all the way from France. Thank you to the lovely maker for sending him. He will be a part of the installation for the Big Knit Group’s exhibition in June.

20150416_140309 cropped

If you would like to see him in person please come and see the exhibition in June at Charnwood Museum.

Would you like to be involved with the exhibition? Well don’t worry just check out the Enchanted Garden Brief to find out how you too can have your work exhibited.

Prep for workshop with the Khushi group in Leic

Spent the evening prepping for the first sewing worshop with the Khushi group at Peepul Enterprise, Peepul Centre, Leicester tomorrow.

20150415_210925 20150415_210943

Lots of little squares have been cut out ready for making these lovely little flower brooches.

20150309_193722 20150309_193837 20150309_194310

Here is a sneak peek at some of the other things we will be making in future workshops.

20150415_210606 20150415_210743

Jemma Bagley is also running sewing workshops with the BE group at Peepul Enterprise, Leic. To check out what she has been making with her group follow the link: http://www.charnwoodarts.com/news/2015/04/be_group_activity