Market Town – Show Me How

As part of RADAR’s Market Town project, artist Ania Bas has created opportunities for sharing and learning useful skills. The project will act as an exploration of the possibility of a culture of shared knowledge and resources.

Show Me How will consist of a number of workshops run by local artists and makers, including myself, who will pass on their skills and knowledge to participants. Ania is interested in supporting the exchange of skills and knowledge that are not necessarily commercially sustainable and valued.

Show me how, call for participants, FINAL

This link will tak eyou to a poster with details of all the workshops planned for the coming months. For those interested in crochet and knitting with plarn (plastic made into yarn) I will be running a workshop on the 30 June, Tuesday 6-8.30pm at The Organ Grinder in Loughborough.

plarn bug close up

The pattern for this particular little plarn bug can be found in Lauren O’Farrell’s Stitch New York.

The sessions will be complemented by discussions around making, co-working, co-operation and sharing. She wants to explore the place and the value of practical skills, hands on work, sharing and co-working in contemporary culture and daily life of market towns.

If you would like to view more please visit the website at:

Ania has also developed some other interesting works which can be viewed on her own blog here:

Please do check it out; one particular project which I found very interesting was The Walking Reading group. Follow the link above to find out more.

To book your place on any of the workshops please follow the link below:


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