Khushi Sewing Workshop

After a rather long and arduous bus ride to Leicester I was glad to arrive at Peepul Enterprise. Things got better when the ladies arrived for the stitching workshop that I spent the evening preparing for.

As always the Khushi group ladies were a pleasure to be with and were so enthusiastic so we got started straight away.

They were straight on the pin cushion idea and within minutes the sewing machines started up. Whilst I helped with where to stitch I was overjoyed to watch as the ladies helped each other at the sewing machines. Those with more confidence on the machines helped and guided others, just a wonderful atmosphere to be in and be a part of.

20150521_154624 20150521_153801 20150521_153756 20150521_153053 20150521_155816

Just a few of the lovely little pin cushions that were made by the ladies.

This one I have a particular fondness for – as always people will deviate from instructions and make things in their own way and I love that. How lovely is this little fellow – he is unique and it just goes to show how creative people are.


Thank you again to the ladies of the Khushi group for welcoming me so wholeheartedly and for being excited about plans for our next sessions together, when we will be experimenting with free hand machine embroidery.

Thanks also to Juliana at Peepul Enterprise, who, no matter how busy she is, always has time for people.

To be continued in the autumn….


Supported by Peepul Enterprise


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