Exhibition set up – Our Knitted Story

Its been a hard slog this week, but things are starting to fall into place. I would like to say thank you to both Jemma Twells for sitting sewing all the Craftivist Flowers to a 40 ft banner which now looks splendid across the Museums balcony. Also thank you to Phoebe Deeprose, a first year textile student who’s work was selected to be exhibited along with 14 of her fellow colleagues from LUSAD. Phoebe has helped with painting the installation space and we hope that she will join us at Granby Street next week to teach some oil painting.

After all our preparations earlier last week we still found ourselves up against the clock. It was especially great to see the exhibitions going up, however we still spent a lot of our time sewing which just ate away at the time we had in the Museum.


Despite the time constraints we still found time to have a giggle with a few of the artworks. Particularly with my cow head and super hero costume. The Cow Head was made using hand made paper, pushed into a plaster mold. Once dry the paper head could be removed and I rummage through my collection of vintage doilies and used these to cover the head. I have two more heads like this however each one is covered in a different material. The second is covered in crocheted plastic bags and the third I haven’t decided about yet.

I included the one made from salvaged doilies because of it’s connection with past crocheters. Each doily will have been made by someone different and whilst we can never know their personal stories we can at least still see their work and understand the love and care that went into every twist, knot and stitch.


After we finished mucking about we completed one alcove. This includes the work of some of the people the Big Knitting group have collaborated with over the years, including the Knitting Guerrillas of Birstall and Super Crochet Girl.

The flowers on the wall are made by one of the members of the knitting group, Alison. And there is also a beautifully made CAL (Crochet-A-Long) by Mary, also a member of the Big Knitting group.

Don’t forget the exhibition opens on the 6th June and is on for a month so get yourself on down to Charnwood Museum to check out the rest of the exhibits, including the work of LUSAD 1st yr textile students. Don’t forget to have a frolic in the Enchanted Garden installation.



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