Charnwood Arts Tells ‘Our Knitted Story’ in New Exhibition ….

Charnwood Arts’ “Big Knitting Group” is currently presenting ‘Our Knitted Story’ an exciting new exhibition at Loughborough’s Charnwood Museum Gallery.


The exhibition encompasses everything from knitting to embroidery to soft sculpture, focusing on the connections, bonds, memories and stories it creates through generations and across cultures.

The use of the word Knitted in the title of the project is deliberate, referring to its other meaning as a term to describe unity, coming together, becoming closer and bonding.

The focus of the project is on personal histories of hand-crafting and brings together stories and memories of knitting, crocheting and other textile based activities from the local community. With items and quotes both from people who are members of groups and people who craft alone.

‘Our Knitted Story’ is Charnwood Arts Big Knitting Group’s latest research project and incorporates a project undertaken by The Craftivists Collective and Falmouth University called the Craftivists Garden.

Members of the group attended the launch of this project in London last summer and then worked closely with the organisers and various groups, creating over 100 flowers for the project.

These were then sent to London as part of an event at the Toynbee Hall in January. About a third of the flowers produced by people from around the UK are displayed here.

We also set the first year textiles students at LUSAD a challenge to respond to the theme. Over 70 students created work as part of their coursework and samples created by15 students are displayed in the exhibition.

There is also a host of fascinating knitting facts supplied by Big Kniting Group member Liz Dunajewska, as well as illustrations by Paul Gent, poetry, a yarn-bomb and a super hero! And in case that’s not enough, there is also a ‘History Pod’ containing many vintage items.

The exhibition continues until Sunday the 5th July at Charnwood Museum, Granby Street, Loughborough.

Entrance is free and the show will be open during the usual Charnwood Museum opening hours.


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