A productive weekend

It has been a productive and creative weekend – I have spent the last two days block printing onto fabric with the Khushi group in mind. I have been toying with the idea of doing some block printing with the group for a few weeks now but have been unsure. I have two vintage wooden printing blocks which I have never used, until yesterday, when I finally decided to give them a go and find out if they work.

This is what I discovered…

20150829_155409 20150829_155432 20150829_155453 20150829_154620 20150829_155511 20150829_160013

Spurred on by the success of these prints I decided that two printing blocks would just not be enough to keep everyone in the Khushi group busy. There are often at least 8-15 in a group and we only have an hour in which to do things so it is paramount that I have enough equipment to keep everyone busy for the full hour – otherwise the time is wasted as the ladies wait for equipment.

Therefore I took to the drawing board – One of the images is a line drawing of the Goddess Durga – inspired by the theme of the work we are creating at the moment – celebrations – Navratri is the next celebration in the ladies calendar I thought the image would work well. The other is a boldly decorated elephant – I like elephants.

20150829_191101ed 20150830_174811

Next was to try these lino blocks on fabric. Because the wood blocks worked so well I was unsure whether the lino would – they are much smoother than the wood blocks and I wasn’t sure whether this would affect the print.

20150830_183542ed 20150830_183533ed 20150829_194046ed 20150829_193211ed 20150830_183552 20150830_183728

Of course some prints came out better than others, as is the nature with block printing and to me part of the beauty of the process. But I think they worked well enough to be used by the group. I only hope they enjoy the process as much as I do.



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