Exhibition’s Up!

As many might already know I’ve been working with the Khushi ladies at the Peepul Enterprise in Leicester. All through September me and the ladies have been getting our groove on with the textiles. We’ve experimented with patchwork techniques, sewing techniques both at the sewing machine and by hand, we’ve even tried our hand at printing – which inspired a flurry of activity over a few weeks as designs were printed onto a vast array of beautiful silks and cottons.

We have been working to the theme of ‘Celebration’ as kindly requested by Juliana, in preparation for the ladies Navratri festival and leading then into Diwali. As Navratri is a festival dedicated to the worship of the Hindu Goddess Durga you will find that many of the textiles feature stylised images of Durga.

I have marvelled in many of the sessions at the ladies relationships, their wonderful sense of community and the support that they offer each other. After over a month of working with the ladies and with the staff at the Peepul Enterprise I have also come to believe that the support that is offered by the centre is as invaluable to the ladies as the support of each other. I hope that this unison continues and would like to thank Juliana especially for all her support.

20151015_145831 20151015_145840 20151015_151125 20151015_151159 20151015_145750cropped 20151015_151528 20151015_151519 20151015_145804

This beautiful piece above was not in fact made by the Khushi ladies but by the BE group who were working with my extremely talented friend and colleague, Jemma Bagley, who I would also like to thank for all her help in my sessions and for being my mentor.

I have greatly enjoyed my time with the ladies, despite some minor hiccups in sessions, the atmosphere has been in itself ‘celebratory’, the ladies are entertaining, accepting and overall appreciative. I hope that in the furture the opportunity to work with the Khushi ladies at the Peepul Enterprise arises again.

Good luck to all the ladies in their continuing endeavours.



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