LoogaBarooga Festival!

I had the immense pleasure this morning of joining with artists Jemma Bagley and James Chantry of Charnwood Arts at Charnwood Arts free creative drop in workshop as part of the LoogaBarooga festival in Loughborough.


The LoogaBarooga festival is a new annual festival for families who love books and illustrated literature.

From 11am this morning we took over the LUArts Market Town Project Space in Carillon Court shopping centre. Jemma ran a badge making workshop whilst James ran a flipbook making workshop.


Jemma sporting her lovely stitched badges whilst I faff about with needle and thread.


Just 15 minutes into the workshop we were starting to burst at the seams with interested families all excited to join in with the activities, some even stayed and crashed on the bean bags to doodle whilst they waited for a space at the workshop table.

20151024_123457 20151024_122716cropped 20151024_122615 20151024_120607 20151024_113724



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