Our Textile Story

Following on from the success of last years collaboration we have once again joined forces with the first year textile students at Loughborough University to bring you this new project, ‘Our Textile Story’.

A new blog that has been set up to promote the current project and exhibition with information about the past project and how the collaboration first began.
Building on the success of last years ‘Our Knitted Story’, this years students were set the project Our Textiles Stories. The brief was to create a set of work which explores the history that each individual student has with textiles. What were their earliest memories, what has influenced them in their years of growing up that has led them to choosing textile design as a career?
jessica wake1 rose heales nadine wilde1img_1763ella Mcknight lia liburd alice charter img_1876 holly lee jessica wake
Maddy Wozencroft is one of the selected students and she has set up the beautiful WordPress blog which contains an overview of the project and displays each selected students work. There is more info to add, as each student will have a statement about their work and how it developed.
We are happy to say that the exhibition ‘Our Textiles Stories” will be on at Peepul Enterprises, Orchardson Avenue, Leicester from Friday the 22nd April until Friday the 6th of May 2016.
There will be an opening event which is still being planned at the moment. The details about the exhibition at Peepul Enterprises will be added to the blog soon. 

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