Our Textile Stories exhibition launches

On Thursday 21st and Friday 22nd Jemma Bagley (Charnwood Arts, Community Arts and Wellbeing Coordinator) and I were at the Peepul Enterprise putting up Loughborough University 1st year textile students work.

We did a lot of prep in the weeks running up to the big hang, organising, planning, sourcing materials, cutting down  and washing ladders and lots and lots of framing. The time spent in preparation really paid off.

Here’s a little taster of the foyer area

20160421_163316 - crop 20160421_163328 20160421_163339 - crop 20160421_163351

And we also have some work on the first floor next to the restaurant 20160421_163131 20160421_162925 20160421_162859 20160421_162809

Not to mention the ladder installation.

20160422_202412 20160422_202426 20160422_202401 20160422_202420 20160422_202443

It has been a long, stressful and arduous few days but I think the results were well worth our efforts.

The exhibition is now up and ready for viewing at Peepul Enterprise, Orchardson Ave, Leicester LE4 6DP.

A huge thank you to Jemma B for keeping me going. Also to all the students who produced the lovely work, to Maddy for creating and publishing the blog, to Kerry Walton and Kerry Akiwowo for their help and support setting the brief and for guiding students through the project. Also thanks to Natalie at Charnwood Arts for making the lovely information boards, and to Peepul Enterprises for hosting and not complaining about all the hammering and drilling we caused yesterday.

Why not also visit the blog to find out more about the project: https://ourtextilestories.wordpress.com/

We hope that you enjoy the show!