Printing in the sun

Day two of our Two-Week project.

Another day of creativity and play as we prepared and etched acetate plates to put through our press.

The MakeSpace group took the activity outside today as the sun was shining and we put our lovingly hand-made mosaic tables to good use. Both table tops have been designed and mosaicked by members of RawArt and MakeSpace here at Charnwood Arts and have made the perfect addition to our little back garden.


Still working with the theme of butterflies, insects and animals we gathered inspiration from books and the creatures in the garden around us to create some beautiful drawings, which were etched (scratched) into thick acetate sheets. These acetate ‘plates’ were then put through our printing press. We did a lot of experimentation with the press to get the correct pressure to produce some gorgeous images…


It was also the perfect weather to experiment with a new eco-friendly kind of graffiti, moss-graffiti. We collected moss from the premises and mixed it up with natural yoghurt to create our very own graffiti paint. Our Taiwanese interns, who will be working with us over 6 weeks this summer, designed and made hand-cut stencils through which the mossy concoction was painted onto the outside of the Charnwood Arts building. I can’t wait to see it bloom!

What will day three bring?


This project is supported by Loughborough Universities Community Donations Fund



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