Weaving in miniature

Day Three of our Two-Week Project

Well it’s a good job we planned a project for indoors today as our garden is currently soggy with rain. At least yesterday’s moss graffiti is getting a good soak.


The Big Knitting group really got to grips with this lovely yarn and thread based activity called God’s Eye Weaving or Ojo de Dios. These are relatively simple to make, you use two sticks placed one on top of the other in a cross shape. Tie them together in the middle and secure in place with a few wraps in any direction. Then you start the weaving, wrapping yarn or thread around each stick once in the same direction.

A simple weaving activity but with wonderfully striking results. Made on a small scale here, we even used cocktail sticks and embroidery thread for some of them, mimicking the size of butterflies.

Today also brought colour to our insect and butterfly theme as we used images of butterflies to inspire the colours we used in our weavings.

That’s the last of our workshops for this week but join us again next week to see the wonders we create as we experiment further with the techniques we’ve learnt this week.


This project is supported by Loughborough Universities Community Donations Fund



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