Exhibitions and Performances

Our Knitted Story – 6th June 2015 – 5th July 2015

Worked as project co-ordinator on this year-long research project which culminated in an exhibition at Charnwood Museum, Loughborough.

The use of the word ‘Knitted’ in the title of the project deliberately refers to its other meaning as a term to describe unity, coming together, becoming closer and bonding.

The focus of the project was personal histories of hand-crafting and how it brings together stories and memories of knitting, crocheting and other textile based activities from the local community. With items and quotes both from people who are members of groups and people who craft alone.

Picnic in the Park – The Happiness Project – 13th June 2015

As part of Loughborough’s yearly one day festival I worked with another performer, Miffy Ryan and photographer Dawn on our ‘Happiness Project’.

Myself and Miffy performed ‘The Juggler’s Handshake’ around the park.

The Jugglers Handshake


The Writings on the Wall – 1st October – 23rd October 2014 

The textile banner that was made in collaboration with participants of Charnwood Arts RawArt group was exhibited as part of the NHS annual art show at Embrace Arts in Leicester.


Home to Roost – 18th September 2014 – Dec 2014  

This is the exhibition of the birds that were made by participants at the Big Knitting Group and by the general public for Super Crochet Girl’s event at Picnic in the Park. The exhibition is in Charnwood Museum’s Cafe.


Super Crochet Girl goes Barefoot! – 26th July 2014 

Super Crochet Girl attended the local Barefoot Festival to teach beginner crochet in the Arts Tent.

Super Crochet Girl Needs You! –  June 14th 2014

As part of Picnic in the Park 2014, I performed as Super Crochet Girl and ran an interactive artwork within the exhibits of Charnwood Museum.


‘Art, Politics and the Pamphleteer’ by RadicalAesthetics/RadicalArt (RARA) – 14th June 2013

A one day symposium that explored the history and relevance of the pamphlet for contemporary art. I was invited to perform as Super Crochet Girl and assisted with the general running of the day including sound recording for all of the speakers.


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