Voluntary Experience

RawArt, Cafe Space and The Big Knit Group run by Charnwood Arts – February 2014 – present

RawArt – creative group for adults with long-term mental health illness.

We are All Everyday Superheroes was the title of the work produced in collaboration with RawArt. I spent 4weeks with the group, teaching sewing skills and facilitating dialogue between the group in order to explore the effect of craft on wellbeing. I have continued to work with the group following on from this project, my roles now include, running workshops in a number of creative disciplines such as drawing printing, crocheting, knitting and textiles. I also help with the general day-to-day running of the studio space, include keeping attendance forms for creative sessions, cleaning and maintaining the equipment and space.

Cafe Space – creative drop in session for adults

Since joining as a volunteer in February of this year I have run a number of creative activities for the group, however since completing my MA in September I have now been afforded the time to increase my responsibilities and involvement in these sessions. Currently I run weekly creative activities for a group of regular participants with Learning Difficulties.

The Big Knit Group – I have been working closely with the Big Knit Group on their upcomming exhibition ‘Our Knitted Story’ and as part of this they will have a story telling environment/installation called ‘The Enchanted Garden’ which will accompany other exhibits. As part of this project I have also set up a project brief for 1st year textile students at Loughborough University in order to encourage students to create artworks to be included as part of the exhibition.


‘Echoes’ by Friction Arts – June 2013

Echoes is a two-year project by Friction Arts to explore the shared heritage of Digbeth and Highgate in Birmingham (UK) from the 1960s, 70s and 80s around the themes of work and play. I assisted on the exhibition build.

‘3 Minute Heroes’ by Friction Arts – 16th April 2011

The exhibition that celebrated the unsung heroes of the Birmingham (Digbeth), community. I was invited by Friction arts to work as an artist to produce one of a number of small artworks that would form an overall exhibition celebrating the unsung heroes of the local community of Digbeth.

‘To You from Super Me’ by Friction Arts – 12th April 2011

I worked for a day with two young autistic boys and helped to develop their understanding of the figure through some simple drawing exercises. I worked alongside iconic comic book artist John McCrae and founder of Friction Arts, Sandra Hall.

‘The Luminarium’ by the Architects of Air – 25th – 26th September 2010

A multifaceted walk in air sculpture designed to create an otherworldly experience of light and colour. As a volunteer at the Derby Feste I was in charge of entry at the air sculpture, gave introductory talks about the Luminaria, and helped maintain and repair the structure.

‘Imposter’ by Exit Here – 31st October 2009

The interactive project, ‘Imposter’ took place at the Drill Hall in Lincoln, where a fictional narrative had been devised by the Exit Here team that plunged its participants into a constructed environment. It became necessary for the participants to actively engage in their surroundings, undergoing a strict training regime and consequent hunt for the ‘Imposter’ guided by myself and the other members of Exit Here.

‘One and Other’ by Antony Gormley – 31st August 2009

I was a participant in Antony Gormley’s ‘One and Other’ which took place on the fourth plinth in Trafalgar Square, London. I was one of the lucky 2400 that got picked to represent Britain out of the 35000 that applied. I decided to use my time on the plinth to do something interactive, something that could be enjoyed by those below and around me, to make connections with people. This experience was what initiated my interest in artworks within the public sphere and my love of working with the audience in my art.

Events Co-ordinator for ‘Fever’ Fire and Circus Skills Performance Society Loughborough University  2008-2009

Events Coordinator for the Students Union fire and circus skills performance society known as ‘Fever’, my responsibilities included promoting the society, choreographing and organising performances and members, meeting with clients on a regular basis, creating and designing the costumes and props, maintaining the equipment and providing health and safety training for fire performances.


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