Workshop Leader – RADAR’s Market Town – Show Me How

Show me How is a part of RADAR’s Market Town project, designed to focus on the regenration of the high street. The aim of the project is to investigate the potential of artists, architects, designers and other creative professionals to develop work that reimagines the town as a destination for ‘socialising, culture, health, wellbeing, creativity and learning’

Artist Ania Bas created Show Me How as a part of Market Town. Show Me How created opportunities for sharing and learning useful skills. The project acts as an exploration into the possibility of a culture of shared knowledge and resources.

30th June 2015 6pm-8.30pm – Craftivist plarn workshop

I was invited to design and run a knitting and crochet workshop for Show Me How. My workshop focused on using unusual but free materials such as plastic bags to make items that can be left in the open without degrading too quickly – perfect for craftivism. Using old plastic bags I taught how to cut them to make yarn as well as teaching knitting and crochet.

11th July 2015 10am -12.30pm – crochet basics – family workshop

Also as part of Show Me How the artist invited me to return to run a second workshop after the success of the first in order to teach families at a one day event in the local town of Loughborough. I ran a crochet for beginners workshop, illustrating what can be done witht he foundation chain.

Workshop Leader – Peepul Enterprise, Leicestershire – March 2015 – September 2015

Employed to work with the Khushi group at Peepul Enterprise in Leicester. I have planned and run 7 sewing workshops teaching basic hand and machine sewing skills in order to develop a project that will leave a legacy in sewing patterns, materials and skills that the group can use in the future.

Workshop assistant/leader – Charnwood Arts Can Do Café – 16th October 2014, 5th 25th November 2014, and 2nd December 2015

I facilitated one off creative sessions for the project Can Do Café for vulnerable young adults, teaching stitching skills and developing communication and creative skills whilst also helping to boost confidence.

Workshop leader – Happy Mondays – LUArts – 8th December 2014

LUArts new project, Happy Mondays aims to encourage students to take up arts and crafts activities in order to promote the benefits of craft on wellbeing. I organised and ran a workshop teaching crochet and knitting.

Regional partner and workshop assistant/leader – #wellMAKING Craftivist Garden – July 2014 – January 2015

A regional partner for the #wellMAKING Craftivists Garden project, a collaboration between the Craftivist Collective, Falmouth University, Voluntary Arts and Arts for Health Cornwall and Isles of Scilly supported by Arts and Humanities Research Council. As part of their project designed to engage people all over the UK in crafting for wellbeing. I am one of many facilitators including Jemma Bagley of Charnwood Arts, around the country that is working to run crafting workshops to help collect thoughts and understandings about why people craft. The aim is to show that craft can improve both individual and communal wellbeing.


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